What is the best VPN Provider for Indonesia in 2019?

Indonesia is a beautiful Islamic country with a population of over 260 million people. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands with picturesque beaches, volcanoes and temples – a good destination for an exotic vacation. Unfortunately, life in Indonesia is a different story as Indonesia is still one of the countries with the highest levels of corruption and internet censorship and a government snooping on its citizens.

The Indonesian government has blocked access to more than 70,000 websites allegedly containing negative content (pornography, portrayals of violence, gambling, discrimination and radicalism based on race and religion).The government has rashly arrested bloggers and online activists for a variety of reasons, including defamation, religion and the spread of counterfeit messages.As a rule, no one is safe, as all your steps are being pursued by the government.

The freedom of the Internet is an illusion in Indonesia, as the Indonesian government has passed laws to strengthen its path.The laws now allow government agencies to order ISPs to block websites at will.Some websites are not accessible to Indonesian visitors, but there is a way out.

To unlock your freedom, you only need to connect to a trusted VPN server and get instant access to the blocked sites.A good VPN should exceed the preference scale of Indonesian users surfing the Internet.The same applies to foreigners working or spending their free time in Indonesia.With this article we would like to inform you about the best VPN provider for Indonesia in 2019.

What is the legal status of VPNs in Indonesia?

Before you ask yourself if using a VPN in Indonesia is legal, read this information.At the time of this writing, the use of VPNs in Indonesia is not prohibited by law or by law, so this is completely legal!

List of censored websites in Indonesia

Below is a list of the top websites that have been censored by the Indonesian government for various reasons.

Netflix: Netflix was launched in early 2016 in Indonesia, but was censored almost immediately.Telkom, the state-owned telecommunications provider, decided to block Netflix on the grounds that most of its content was banned in Indonesia.Instead, the company called on the company to regulate its content according to Indonesian standards.

YouTube: In 2008, YouTube was blocked by the Indonesian government over a controversial video that caused a national uproar.Since YouTube was unlocked, YouTube has joined the list of sites that have censored Indonesian visitors for their content.

Vimeo: A popular video sharing site in May 2014 – Vimeo was part of the websites that were hit by the massive blockade of the Indonesian government.The ban was lifted in November 2014, but with the clause that the contents of Vimeo must be filtered.

Reddit: Reddit was closed in 2014 along with Vimeo.The site was allegedly blocked due to pornographic content.However, Reddit does not censor its website and is currently blocked by some Indonesian ISPs.

Imgur: The popular image-sharing site Imgur was also hit by the ban in 2014.The Indonesian government claimed that some images hosted on the site contained pornographic images. So far, Imgur is banned from some ISPs in Indonesia.

Which is the best VPN provider for Indonesia in 2019?

Given the Internet chaos caused by the Indonesian government’s attempt to block thousands of websites and arrest political activists, you need not worry.In Indonesia, the Internet can be accessed freely and privately via VPNs.Several VPN service providers offer services from free to premium.After numerous tests and research RitaVPN is the best VPN provider for Indonesia in 2019.

RitaVPN was ranked the best VPN for Indonesia in 2019 for many reasons.RitaVPN has a large number of servers in a variety of countries.RitaVPN servers are ultra-fast, making streaming Ultra HD content a seamless process.With RitaVPN servers, you can access unfiltered content from blocked and geographically restricted sites from anywhere in Indonesia.

RitaVPN takes your safety seriously and therefore does not share your information with ISPs.With RitaVPN, you can share your opinion securely online, without fear of being persecuted by the government.RitaVPN encrypts your data directly from your phone to the website, bypassing your ISP.When you surf the Internet with RitaVPN, you can be sure that you are completely anonymous.

RitaVPN is a cross-platform provider that lets you access your apps on all your personal devices, from Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Another feature that sets RitaVPN apart is the user-friendly interface – anyone can use it! For technical issues, RitaVPN engineers are always online and provide real-time support.

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