How To Torrent Movies And Other Media Without Getting Caught?- 5 Most Updated Torrenting Websites 2020

Bit torrent is a way to transfer large files over the internet without breaking them. It is a protocol that shares files without centralized servers among devices. Also referred to as peer-to-peer (P2P), torrenting has become one of the most useful ways for people to download movies, games and other materials.

Torrenting itself is not illegal, however, it is risky to download materials that are unknown to be illegal. Not everything is legal on the net, includes torrenting websites. If you happen to download copyrighted material without realization, it could be possible that you will be prosecuted based on the laws of your country. 

How do they know you are torrenting?

When you are browsing online, your ISP(Internet Service Provider) would tap into the router to move your internet traffic to these websites when you are browsing online. The ISP assigns an IP(Internet Protocol) address to your device so that some networks or organizations can monitor your IP address with your location information and online activities. In other words, ISP(Internet Service Provider) knows everything by tracking your IP address.

When you are torrenting copyrighted materials, anti-piracy agency gathers online the IP address of those users who download copyrighted material. By creating a tracking public torrent tracker, they can catch torrent users and forward that information to the ISPs that might give their customers a copyright warning.

In many countries, ISPs are ordered to hand in information to the government which also lead to surveillance. If you want to protect your privacy and avoid being tracked while torrenting, a VPN is what you need to shield your online traffic.

How does a VPN work?

When you are torrenting with a VPN(Virtual Private Network), your computer is connected to the servers of the VPN provider. So the VPN is also creating a digital tunnel to cover this routed internet connection, as the VPN server mask your real IP address by combining the web traffic with thousands of other IP addresses, making it difficult for others to monitor where you’re going and what you’re doing online.

How to install a VPN?

RitaVPN, no-log, free and super-fast VPN service provider. Here’s a quick guide that will take you through how to download a VPN in a few short steps.


Before downloading a VPN from the official website, makes sure what device you want to install it on. RitaVPN is a free VPN, it supports different platforms or devices like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS with only one account you can use on all the platforms.


Click the tourist login and the connect button. RitaVPN offers a free trial with tourist login, no need to sign up. Once you fall in love with this app, you can sign up and register an account for a premium plan.


Time to start browsing safely torrenting with RitaVPN

Best 5 most updated torrenting websites

1.TPB (via Tor)

2.ruTracker (alt domains: .net .cr)

3.Rutor (alt domain: .is)

4.1337x (alt domains: .st



No matter what you are doing online, to keep your information and privacy safe is always the first thing that should be taken into account. However, people love surfing the internet but neglect how risky it could be. Everyone should be educated on how to stay safe online, though we are users, we don’t want to be fooled. The internet is good because we can almost get everything to educate ourselves.

Torrenting exists for so many years as it serves so many people freely. VPN is exactly the basic but crucial technology to secure our network. Be a smart person and avoid being tracked with a VPN is what people should realize in order to bypass restrictions and get content freely. RitaVPN, to be honest, is one of the safest VPN services you can get in this digital world. They are truly doing what they need to do to keep people in a securer digital world with best-in-class encryption technology.


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