How to keep tabs on the latest software vulnerabilities

Most vulnerabilities in software are programming or configuration errors that occur during development. They are leaving holes in defense. If left unpatched, hackers can use them to install malware on your computer, steal your personal data, listen to your calls, read your messages, use your phishing app, or take over your machine completely.

The blame for patching these security bugs lies with your code or app developers, but they may not always respond quickly enough. It opens a small window between finding the flaw and patching it. Hackers monitor these opportunities while also searching themselves for vulnerabilities. The good news is that you’re not impotent.

1.Keep up to date with your applications and phones. Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google release regular updates to the latest bugs that will always include patches. Make sure you use your apps ‘ latest versions.
Make use of an antivirus. It may not fix bugs, but it will stop some of them from being abused by hackers. A good antivirus will pick up, notify you, and quarantine a virus or malware before it causes any damage. It will help you clean up and mitigate damage in the worst possible way. This is good if the bug is detected, but the fix still has to be published.

2.Do your research before you purchase a new device. Does any known hardware vulnerabilities still exist? What is the manufacturer’s reputation? Many phones are better than others, along with their apps.

3.Practice good conduct on the internet. Don’t make the job of a hacker any easier than it should be. Even if they have found a way to compromise your app or device, you can do simple things to stop them, such as using a strong password, 2FA, or simply logging out of your accounts. Find more tips on how to fix post bad behaviors on the internet.

4.Use a VPN. A VPN encrypts your traffic and switches your IP address, making tracking you in cyberspace more difficult for hackers.

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